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"To be one of the world’s leading group in both education and research and achieve greater recognition for our efforts in our chosen fields of endeavor. The world will look to us for future trends and innovations in education, engineering, agriculture, agricultural engineering, information technology and research. The college will build on its traditions of innovation, problem solving, and interdisciplinary collaboration to meet the changing needs of society."


  • To provide students with the fundamental knowledge, interdisciplinary problem solving skills, social and business awareness, and confidence required to excel in their chosen professions and be leaders in a global environment.
  • Be recognized as one of the elite engineering colleges through research, innovation in education, and the transfer of concepts and results to technology and engineering practice.
  • To maintain a collegial, supportive, and diverse environment that encourages our students, faculty, and staff to achieve to the best of their abilities.

Quality Policy:  

We believe in the discovery of new knowledge through innovative research that encourages entrepreneurship and economic development to benefit our global society.


College Activities

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