Psychology Lab.


Psychological tests have been prone to possess great utility in many spheres like guidance, appointments, selection for tracing, classification, according to level of intelligence, prediction, diagnosis and research in the field of education.

The college has a good psychology lab that trains the students in applying the knowledge of principles of educational psychology and techniques to facilitate optimum development of integrated personality. This lab provides various Psychology test for students. It has various Psychological Tests including the Intelligence Tests, Aptitude tests, Creativity Test, Personality Scales, Attitude tests and Interest Inventories. It consists tests, personality assessment tools like T.A. Tpovschoeh, questionnaim etc. Lab was established to facilitate students to have deep understanding of Psychology and use various tests for projects and research work.

Department conducts classes of B.Ed and M.Ed. It conducts Seminars on Drug Addiction, stress management, Aids and Adolescent education. Department of Psychology also delivers extension Lectures. Psychology is foundation paper at M.Ed. B.Ed and D.Ed level.

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