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Books are great source of knowledge and libraries are soul of any educational institute, therefore library is an integral part of academics in the institute and it is nothing but the gateway of the knowledge resource. Bharti College provides great library facilities to their students along with suitable environment and infrastructure as well to encourage the reading habit of the students, which ultimately reflects in students’ knowledge base.  Since the establishment of the institute we have great focus on the library, we have separate flours for library with the great facility to sit around 100 students at a single point of time, entire library is equipped with Wi-Fi internet connectivity so that student can avail online study material as well.

Library in the institute is having collection of around 20000 books covering all the disciplines of engineering and technology. Library is also having some major journals and magazines related to science and technology as well. Apart from all the technical content various daily news papers and magazines are available in the library in both hindi and English language, to make our students caviar about the current issues in the society. Library is integral part of the institute academic culture and it is continually growing and getting superior day by day.

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